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Value Pack includes: (1) Cracked Skin Cream for small severe areas of dry cracked skin including cracked heels, cracked fingertips, eczema, rash, and burns and (1) Heavy Duty Lotion, an incredible overall face and body lotion. Ends ashy, chalky skin, soothes itching, relieves sunburn and restores color to moisture deprived skin.
Larson's Value Pack:
(1) Heavy Duty Lotion and (1) Cracked Skin Cream
  cracked skin cream
dry cracked skin cream For Severe Problem Areas
More than just essential oils and butters to soften the skin, we included natural analgesics to relieve pain and natural antiseptics to ward off infection. It's thick and concentrated to pack deep into cracks and saturate the skin with healthy nutrients. Use it for small severe areas such as cracked heels, cracked fingertips, patches of eczema or psoriasis.  
Larson's Cracked Skin Cream
2 oz.

heavy duty lotion

Overall Skin Conditioner  
Our Heavy Duty Lotion is cool and tingly. It restores, rejuvenates and invigorates with natural oils and butters. An excellent daily lotion for your entire body. Highly concentrated - a little goes a long way and lasts all day.  
Larson's Heavy Duty Lotion
6 oz.

hydros Hydros  

Hydration Formula

Hydros is smooth and natural. This highly concentrated, highly effective blend of moisturizing oils will soften skin around eyes, mouth, neck, forehead or anwhere you need extra hydration. For best results: Shake well. Massage a small amount into skin and follow immediately with Cracked Skin Cream.  
Larson's Hydros
2 oz.
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